Having a dream of a company that stands out above the rest and deliver on promises, we worked hard to make this dream a reality.

The representatives of Thuthukani Aluminium and Glass as well as the office staff, has a passion for their work and does it to the best of their ability, ensuring that the client always comes first and can rest assured in getting the best service and after sales service from a dedicated team.

The company had grown from having one team to having eight trained teams on the road today.

6 teams are qualified in doing installations and 2 are specialized in Supply and fit installations in new or current openings.

Having a fully equipped factory with all the latest equipment for tiling, Electric and Allumnium on the premises to manufacture top quality aluminium products to the customer’s satisfaction and taste,
cuts out the middle man and makes these products more affordable.

At Thuthukani Aluminium and Glass a qualified team of expertly trained manufactures make up Top and Side Hung windows, Sliding Doors and windows, Palace doors, Single and Double French doors, Pivot Entrance Doors and Sliding Folding doors and Shopfronts to special NON-STANDARD measurements and specifications.

The glass fitted in our aluminium products is SAGGA approved, thus giving the customer the peace of mind that the product is safe.

All doors and fixtures are made with 6.38 mm laminated glass, that is made up of a 3 mm glass, a plastic film with another 3 mm glass bonded together to strengthen the product, as specified by law.

All windows are fitted with 4 mm glass / 6.38mm Laminated glass (depending on size), but can be changed to also have 6.38mm glass throughout the entire window if preferred by the customer.

We also specialise in Low E glass which is Energy Saving as well as DOUBLE Glazing glass and once again cut out the middle man as we manufacture it directly.
A whole range of tinted glass and sandblasting is also available on request.

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